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Dylan Wiliam

Movie still of Dylan Wiliam

Dylan Wiliam is Deputy Director and Professor of Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education, University of London.  Formerly of King’s College London, Dylan was a co-author of Inside the Black Box - a seminal publication on the role of assessment as a formative element in learning.

Watch these videos

Assessment for learning: Dylan Wiliam

Listen to Dylan Wiliam review the outcomes of Assessment is for Learning programmes across the UK. He also highlights the challenges faced by school staff in changing classroom practice.

Assessment strategies: Dylan Wiliam

Dylan Wiliam outlines five key assessment strategies and how they interconnect. Listen as he describes the roles and relationships of teachers, learners and their peers.

Autonomous learners: Dylan Wiliam

Discover how students can become autonomous learners. Dylan Wiliam explores the changing relationships between teachers and students as a result of formative assessment approaches within schools.

Feedback on learning: Dylan Wiliam

Watch this clip in which Dylan Wiliam reviews the importance of giving learners effective feedback as an integral component of formative assessment.

Formative assessment: Dylan Wiliam

Watch as Dylan Wiliam reviews the nature of formative assessment and how teachers can use it to gain better insights into student learning and achievement.

Self and peer assessment: Dylan Wiliam

Listen to Dylan Wiliam review the benefits of self assessment and peer assessment as a key component of effective learning, and hear about some of the associated strategies.

Collaborative learning: Dylan Wiliam

Explore Dylan Wiliam's views on the benefits of learners working in group situations and the importance of group goals and individual accountability.

Creativity: Dylan Wiliam

Dylan Wiliam reviews the changing nature of literacy in our society and the importance of developing creative thinking skills in young people.

Personalised learning: Dylan Wiliam

Listen as Dylan Wiliam distinguishes between individualised and personalised learning. He stresses the importance of enabling students to find different ways into learning activities.

Emotions and learning: Dylan Wiliam

In this clip Dylan Wiliam outlines the social pressure facing learners when making choices about whether and how to engage in learning tasks. He also highlights the importance of growth pathways.

Self-efficacy: Dylan Wiliam

Hear Dylan Wiliam describe the impact and the dangers of implementing strategies aimed at raising the self-esteem of young people without increasing their self-efficacy.

Metacognition: Dylan Wiliam

Watch Dylan Wiliam talk about the importance of young people being able to reflect on their learning and how teachers can utilise these insights.

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